Briefly in English

Kohteesta is a website created and administrated by private members of the Finnish Orthodox Church. The official site of the Finnish Orthodox Church is available at Finnish Orthodox Church is a canonical autonomous Church and our Mother Church is Constantinople.

The word “Ortodoksi” means Orthodox in Finnish language. The site is developed for all Orthodox believers and those who are interested in the Orthodox Church. The site is under constant development and our team appreciates all suggestions how to make it work better. You may also send us publishing material for the site. All rights for the material remain with its original developer. is currently mostly in Finnish. We’ll translate as much as possible for our team of volunteers. For now we have the following pages in English.

Virtual Church of St Nicholas – Flash animated interactive virtual church for the use of religious education. The original church is in the town of Joensuu in Finland.

Orthodox Dictionary – Finnish-English-Russian-Swedish-Greek-Romanian Dictionary for Orthodox terminology.

The Mosaic Icon Workshop Petros - The workshop organizes mosaic icon courses of variable durations in cooperation with the Christian Learning Centre and Valamo Lay Academy. The courses are led by the Muscovite mosaic artist Yurij Yarin.

Forum – Forum for Orthodox discussion. Registration is currently in Finnish but it is possible to switch the interface to English. If you would like to open a dialogue with members of the Finnish Orthodox Church, most of whom speak excellent English, please contact us in order to complete the registration. We hope it’ll be easier later on.

You can also find some materials in English here.

The material that is in Finnish include for example

  • Instructions for those who work with parish and Church
  • List of Orthodox literature published in Finnish
  • Information packet from six cooperating parishes and their publication
  • Basic information about
    • Bishops and Saints in Orthodox Church
    • Monasteries
    • Orthodox terminology and traditions
    • Prayers and liturgical texts
    • Finnish Orthodox Church

Please give us feedback through email to Osoite.jpg