A Star in the Heavens (book)


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Archmandrite Panteleimon: A Star in the Heavens – The Life of Father John of Valamo
ISBN 951-9468-44-7
Original / Alkuperäinen teos: Isä Johannes, Valamon luostari 1985
Translation / Käännös englanniksi: Sister Elisabeth, Malcolm Hicks, Ritva Orfanos
Publisher / Julkaisija ja kustantaja: Valamo Monastery
Date of Publication / Julkaisuajankohta: 1991
Pages / Sivumäärä: 167 pages / sivua
Size / Koko: 210 mm x 123 mm
Sidos: softcover (paperback) / liimasidottu / pehmytkantinen

Publications of Valamo Monastery 44.

Back cover text / Takakannen teksti:

Schema-Igumen John wrote to Yelena Armfelt in March 1949:

”By the grace of God, I am keeping well. I had pains in my heart only on one day during the first week of Lent. By the second week I was perfectly well again, and now I am going to saw wood with Father Viktor. One monk commented to me today, 'They say that you don't saw very much. Only enough to while away the time.' How oifensive! On the other hand, we should really be offended in our minds by those who praise us!"

Igumen Panteleirnon has composed a vivid account of Father John's life and way of thinking based on the staretz' vast correspondence, an account which also gives as an insight into the history of the Valamo brotherhood up to the late 1950's.

Index / Sisällysluettelo

  • Foreword
  • In a Russian home
  • Yelena Armfelt and Paula Schmalz
  • Father John's childhood and youth
  • In Valamo and St. Petersburg The Monastery of St. Tryphon
  • Igumen at Petsamo
  • In the skete of St. John the Baptist
  • Birth of a friendship
  • New Valamo
  • The staretz' cell
  • Memories of the igumens
  • Everyday life
  • Anything can happen in life
  • The life of the staretz
  • A spiritual friendship
  • Other spiritual children
  • Jelena Akselyevna's visits to Valamo
  • Father John in Helsinki
  • Visions and premonitions
  • Reflections on the ascetic life
  • Real Orthodoxy is to be found in Russia
  • Why shouldn't I return to my homeland?
  • Letters from a staretz of Valamo
  • Reactions to the collection of letters
  • Thinning of the ranks
  • At the cemetery
  • The candle burns down
  • Death
  • If the grain of wheat does not die